Eva Kerek 

A painter who has surrendered to and completely grasped painting. Her ”Ståndpunkt”* spoken on a CD is a fascinating piece of ”poetry in itself” where she is walking around in her own paintings as if she was a stranger. Marcel Duchamp said that the first viewer of a work of art is the maker of the peace. Eva Kerek is behaving unscrupulous in this respect, she is the first one to let herself be surprised and fascinated by her own action.

According to her own statement the work on a painting starts as a story that is running though her head, a story that looses its importance as the work is progressing and the act of painting is becoming the essence. The painting is following its own logic and the literary content has to give way. It is a painting that is rich in nuance where the thickness and the refractory in the colour is working with the transparencies and the light and beautiful layers and subtle difference in colour. The perspective can change within one and the same picture and give way to complex rooms, a complexity that Eva Kerek has the means to take much further and which will enrich her ways of expression.

Jackson Pollock once coined the phrase ”give and take” about his own action on the canvases, about the dialog between happenings within the picture and what was going on within the artist .Eva Kerek can coin that phrase as her own. Her painting clearly shows that it is an instrument used to gain knowledge about feelings and their relation to the surrounding world.

The shape of her two dimensional world sometimes wants to step out of the measurable as in the case of the ”horse-camel”, makes this even more obvious. What painter does not want to make sure that what takes place in the imaginary room has some impact on the physical world? To search for that confirmation accommodates arts own moral.

Stockholm May 2001
Olle Granath

*A paper by the students on their own work for the masters program at Konstfack.